Please help my small business grow

I have a favor for all of you bloggers to ask of you, I am trying to grow my business BUT in order to do that i need people to know I’m out here so if i mas ask you to click a few links..(2) one for my Facebook page and the other one is my store and share them with everyone you know I would be so appreciative. Thank you form the bottom of my heart


Come and share my journey

Become an Independent Designer with Origami Owl®


My name is Andrea 

Good morning. I am looking to expand my team, I would like to invite some Mom and your child (ages12+) to start on your very own business. Origami Owl is the first Direct Sales business to do this. I am looking for women who think that there child would benefit from making there own money and potentially having there own business to grow with.

Who would like to join me on this fabulous journey. I’m not just looking for moms, I am looking for people who love to have fun and make some extra money on the side.

This is in no way a get rich quick thing, there is no business in the world that is but its a fun business.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a force for good; to love, inspire + motivate people of all ages to reach their dreams + empower them to make a difference in the lives of others

We Invite

We invite you to start living your dreams with this fun, flexible, rewarding and lucrative opportunity

We Will Provide

We will provide you with the tools and support you need to help you succeed personally, professionally and financially, while enriching people’s lives



It’s not just about the money you earn, but how that money can change your life and impact others.

  • +Get Paid What You’re Worth Origami Owl offers one of the highest personal commissions in the home party industry (50% on Charms, Plates and Dangles + 30% on all other jewelry)
  • +Earn Money Quickly Arrange a Jewelry Bar and keep the profits that night
  • +Become A Leader Mentor a team of Independent Designers and earn additional income on their sales volume.
  • +Enjoy Rewards Earn recognition, grow as an individual and enjoy the fun perks we have in store for you!


As an Origami Owl Independent Designer, make your business whatever you want it to be.

  • +Create fun, personalized Jewelry Bar® experiences with your Hostesses.
  • +Tailor your business to reflect your life priorities.
  • +Work the hours that work best for you.
  • +Balance family time


We make it easy for you to reach your dreams.

  • +Your Business Package includes everything you need to start your Origami Owl business
  • +You have access to an online training suite with resources at your fingertips 24/7
  • +You’re paired with a Mentor, who will be with you every step of the way

OHH My Gosh..

HOOOOOT HOOOT..Yes its here..It finally came!!! Please feel free to check out my store online it is open 24/7

Please also check out my facebook page as well, please like and share






A night with the DUCKS…I mean the Baseball team..

My youngest son loves sports, Base Ball, Soccer, Football he really is the all American kid! Sat night his elementary school was going to see the Long Island Ducks play and for $10.00 a ticket you really cant go wrong! There is not a bad seat in the stadium no matter where you sit. My husband, Jasons daddy happens to work there a few nights a week, he is part of the Emergency Service team, in case anybody happens to get hurt or catch a ball to the face, yes this happens more then you know! So my wonderful hubby goes to work and Jason and I wen to a quick dinner and then we meet him there for the 7:05 game. What a turn out they had..about 105 people just from our school were there! The place was packed. Popcorn in BIG hats, Cotton Candy( all I wanted the entire night was cotton Candy and the hubby came through for me..LOVE HIM) Cracker Jacks! So many people and kids and so much to do and see. The game was great, being with my best friend and her family was even better I could not have asked for a better night.  Check it out:




Sucess..My Origami Owl party was a success !!

What an incredibly fun night! Wine friends some old some new and shopping!! How could you go wrong. About 6 pm my friend and mentor Michelle came over and proceeded to turn my living room and dining room into a shopping spree it was so much fun to get to look a the bazillion charms she had and all the necklaces the coolest lockets, as well as earrings and bracelets. It did not take long before the buzz of people starting picking things up and trying things on and you could see how they were working things out in there heads..asking each other what do you think of this, do you like that, It was very cool. I am such a people person and to have all my friends here old and new to have my family as well as them made me feel very loved!

So by the end of the night I was told that I did it..I had earned my kit and my hostess exclusive and all I did was talk to people all night long have a few glasses of wine, ate a few snacks and well… you can’t get  any better then that. Check this out this is what I earned I LOVE IT


So lets get your story started, give me a call and we will get you on your way!!

Please leave a comment with your email address and I will get back to you.

My Origami Owl Party is closing on Friday May 30th

What dose your story look like? Please feel free to come and take a look at my Jewelry Bar!! If you would like to host your own, Please let me know and we will get you started just like I did.  Just click on the link pick out a locket. some charms. and if you need a chain as well they are there!! Personalize it your way..

Follow me and see how I will be growing my business and join me as well.. Hope to see how your story starts!!!


What a GREAT memorial day weekend

THE BLUE ANGELS..shall I say more??? OMG I had the pleasure of seeing them from my father in laws BOAT!! Yes I was in the water on the boat as the most massive and beautiful plains danced in the sky above us. It was such a really cool and a bit emotional for me, Why you are possibly wondering, well because my boy is in the NAVY, and i was just thinking of him as they flew by. Back flips, Front Flips, fly overs, stall outs smoke behind the planes….It was exhilarating.. 


Photo Credit to AWPHOTO

After the show we decided that we were a lil on the cold side poss because it was like 60 on the water and very breezy so we took a quick ride home to put on some long pants and long sleeves and back out on the boat we went to do some fishing, it was such a wonderful day and guess what… lil man caught his first BIG fish..



What a wonderful way to spend Memorial Day!