Hello MY Lovies

OMG the craziness of my life has been nothing short of incredible!! I had one of the best summers I could have asked for in a really long time. Im sure you are saying, AWWWWWW good for you! Let me share with you.. It started off a lil rocky with my youngest starting the summer breaking his ARM..


This was what I looked like when I saw his X-Ray

But it got better from there, I started Origami Owl (<click to get to my page), as well as Younique ,(<click to get to my page). We took a road trip to North Carolina, very good possibility we will be relocating in the near future and I just feel I have grown as a person.

This summer was my 40th year on this earth.. YUP..me Im 40! And I love it. Now earlier in the year as you guys know my oldest left for the NAVY, and I was a sad MOMMA, but I got to see him a few times through the months, SKYPE, and text and all that good stuff! Well what I did not know was this, my family was planning a surprise party for me and what my family did not know was my boy was planning a surprise visit! So needless to say on 7/12/14 I walked in to my family yelling surprise ….HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! OMG I was so happy and so surprised..


So ya know I said my hellos and gave out hugs an kisses to everyone and figured, ahhhhhh how great would it have been if both of my boys would be here at the same time.  My absolutely most awesome husband says ok lets get some photos before it gets to late and we are all in the pool and drinks start flowing and the camera gets put away. At this point I was like WHATEVER you want me to do, this is so GREAT!!! we get all lined up and WELLLLL guess who comes walking out:


It really was one of the best days of my life..as well as the best summers of well EVER!

Im at a loss, What am I doing wrong?

So I have been trying to start up my home business. It started off with just one, Young Living Essential Oils, (www.youngliving.org/cellabella1974) then I saw and held my first Origami Owl,(www.cellabellaslockets.origamiowl.com) I want to be the best, I want what everyone above me has..How do they do it? They have all these people under them! Selling so much product, and I cant seen to get anyone to even look in my direction. I am on FB, on Linked In, Google+, twitter, Instagram..OMG IM Social Networked up the wazoo! I wear my locket every day and people do notice but the fact there are like a million other reps, I always get the same song and dance, Oh my sister sells it or my cousin sells it or my cousins sisters BFF from 12 towns away on is my rep! Can you say frustrating. Young Living Essential Oils, Hmmm I thought I hade it, Essential oils ..I love to smell them, I love to use them they are great for you, I had a few target people in mind and I figured hey as long as they see me using it poss they will want to try it and so and so forth, But how many times can you ask the same circle of people before they start saying..STOP.

Please help me I need some direction I need to know how to meet new people how to get out of this lul im in. How do I get my name out there with out breaking the bank???

Please help my small business grow

I have a favor for all of you bloggers to ask of you, I am trying to grow my business BUT in order to do that i need people to know I’m out here so if i mas ask you to click a few links..(2) one for my Facebook page and the other one is my store and share them with everyone you know I would be so appreciative. Thank you form the bottom of my heart




Come and share my journey

Become an Independent Designer with Origami Owl®



My name is Andrea 

Good morning. I am looking to expand my team, I would like to invite some Mom and your child (ages12+) to start on your very own business. Origami Owl is the first Direct Sales business to do this. I am looking for women who think that there child would benefit from making there own money and potentially having there own business to grow with.

Who would like to join me on this fabulous journey. I’m not just looking for moms, I am looking for people who love to have fun and make some extra money on the side.

This is in no way a get rich quick thing, there is no business in the world that is but its a fun business.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a force for good; to love, inspire + motivate people of all ages to reach their dreams + empower them to make a difference in the lives of others

We Invite

We invite you to start living your dreams with this fun, flexible, rewarding and lucrative opportunity

We Will Provide

We will provide you with the tools and support you need to help you succeed personally, professionally and financially, while enriching people’s lives



It’s not just about the money you earn, but how that money can change your life and impact others.

  • +Get Paid What You’re Worth Origami Owl offers one of the highest personal commissions in the home party industry (50% on Charms, Plates and Dangles + 30% on all other jewelry)
  • +Earn Money Quickly Arrange a Jewelry Bar and keep the profits that night
  • +Become A Leader Mentor a team of Independent Designers and earn additional income on their sales volume.
  • +Enjoy Rewards Earn recognition, grow as an individual and enjoy the fun perks we have in store for you!


As an Origami Owl Independent Designer, make your business whatever you want it to be.

  • +Create fun, personalized Jewelry Bar® experiences with your Hostesses.
  • +Tailor your business to reflect your life priorities.
  • +Work the hours that work best for you.
  • +Balance family time


We make it easy for you to reach your dreams.

  • +Your Business Package includes everything you need to start your Origami Owl business
  • +You have access to an online training suite with resources at your fingertips 24/7
  • +You’re paired with a Mentor, who will be with you every step of the way

OHH My Gosh..

HOOOOOT HOOOT..Yes its here..It finally came!!! Please feel free to check out my store online it is open 24/7

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