Spring Break is over & THE KITCHEN IS DONE!!!!

SPRING BREAK is over!! Kids will be going back to school tomorrow. Easter is over, Kids are all hopped up on sugar and we are all wiped out from a day of eating. This has been a good break but its time to get back to reality.  Although we have really had no spring weather yet, and I don’t really think we will(because we have not had one in like 3 years) im assuming we are going to wake up to a blazing hot day some day soon.  And i am not complaining! I am not a cold weather chick! Give me a beach and 90 degrees and im a happy girl!   😉

Even the animals are ready for some normalcy!  The dogs are laying on the bed with us, the cat well she’s a cat and well all she wants to do is play! So her and I had a photo session, I LOVE PHOTO SESSIONS!  And my Iphone takes pretty good ones..

lazy 017 lazy 019 lazy 016

And one of the best parts of the break was that I finally finished the kitchen! And it looks GREAT!

lazy 023 lazy 007 lazy 008 lazy 009 lazy 021 lazy 022

It was a fun job and I  got to be creative and I really loved that fact!

What is wrong with me the past 2 days? i just cant seem to get it right..lol have you ever had that kinda day where things just dont go right?

So much for a lazy day

Well its hard to beleive but i needed a lil me time..Yup i said it! im tired..lol and to be honest i really did not feel like painting today. Whats 1 more day? Can you say PROCRASTINATION… Hahah. Painting the kitchen is really not as easy as I thought.

Last night i decided that i was going to try to wrap up the painting so the hubby could hang the chair rail, off to lowes i go to get the paint! Its funny when you walk in and the people behind the counter know who you are. Well two hours into it and not only are my arms burning but im covered in paint. My hair, face, neck, arms pants and the rug that i have in the kitchen, ya know the small kind you have in front of your sink…ARE YOU KIDDING ME? It looked like i was learning how to fingerpaint..lol sooo i decided that i need to stop because if i dont im just gonna end up runing what i have done already!


Thats when i realized i need a day to just chill out! Well sort of..after laying on the couch with the puppys i figured lets start taking the stuff down so tommorow i can finish the kitchen job, and i came across some mason jars..Paint + Mason Jars = DIY kitchen decore…


So much fo a lazy day!

Spring Break means Mommy has to take you to work…..

This dose not work out in my favor at all! Its hard enough to get a sitter when the hubby and i go out, let alone getting one during the day who will not cost me a billion dollars. The day started off slow and even though I have to go to work, Jason really did not care and proceded to lounge around in his PJ’s whining at me that he really did not think its fair that he has to come with me. Well guess what, you don’t have a choice because you are 8 and well thats how it has to be. This did not go over well..Precursor to the day I might add! CRAP!!

So now its 9:30am and we have not left the house yet!

Jason you need to get ready and we need to go!!!

Mommy, cant we just lay in bed all day?

Jason please get down here !

Mommy I dont want to go…I WANT TO STAY HOME..

Well we cant now lets move, I’ll take you to Mc Donalds to eat, but we need to go through the drive through because I need to get to work( at this point we are so late why even bother rushing).

We finally get to work and set him up, Computer-check  Ipad-check chair to sit in and we are good to go. Ahhhh ok I start doing my work!! NOT 5 min goes by and I hear ..IM BOARD…

OMG ARE YOU KIDDING ME??????? Just give me 2 hours ill rush through my paperwork(thats never good) and we will go home just use your ipad watch a movie, but I need to get this stuff done! Mind you I work in a warehouse, its a family owned business(NO, ITS NOT AS EASY AS YOU THINK WHEN YOUR FATHER IS YOUR BOSS) We have a forklift and some other cool toys in here. Jason decides he wants me to drive him around in the forklift. I hear him beeping the horn, mom come on lets drive! LOL ..Seriously I just need to get some paperwork done! So i tell him when i am done we will take a ride around..he says ok mommy and comes into my office and now stars drawing on the white board, every few min he asks me to turn and look at what he drew, finally say to him Sweetie, I really need to finish my work, so we can go!


Needless to say I just gave up put the papers away and took him for his ride on the fork lift, the laughing that came out of this child was infectious..He asked me if he could drive it.. So I let him hit the accelerator button(lead foot magee by the way) and the break!


He looks me straight in the eyes and says this is the best part of the day mommy, I get to be with you..OMG I melted in the seat! Lets get out of here I tell him!

We decide to go to the movies and see OZ, it was a really cool movie, abit scary for him but a good movie..then we hit target to get some drinks for the house and headed home.


My husband at this point texts me to let me know that hes home and has fed the dogs(in my house this is a project because bella the boxer will eat bailey the Maltese’s food if you literally don’t sit there) ohh yeah and bailey is a slow eater takes him almost 30 min to eat his food, that he picks up out of the dish and puts on the rug only to eat it one by one..akkkkk! And my oldest calls to tell me he will be home by 12 hes going out with his friends. UMMM I did not hear a “Mom is it ok if i go out?” That will not float in my house, you ask me not tell me! Well i guess im lucky he still tells me what hes doing!

Its almost 8 pm now i have not been home yet all I want to do is go to bed! Yeahhhh ok, I dont sleep untill everybody is safe at home in my house(Its a mom thing, I’m sure you understand) Now comes the tricky part, My cat and dog have some issues, they love to hate each other so there are some gates in my house..But the cat is getting very daring and she has been jumping the gates to torment the dog..Well I move the gate to go upstairs she flyes up the stairs and with that the cat follows, JEEEEZ I run up the stairs to get in between them trip up the stairs shoes go flying crack my knees hit my head(i wish i could have seen what i looked like) twisted my ankle and save the cat.. all this and I was holding my other dog in my arms because he dose not do stairs!He is fine.  IS THE DAY OVER YET??????? Nope i still need to wait for Andrew to get home before I go to sleep!


Finally I get lil man to bed and about 30 min later i hear a thud on the floor along with a few more thuds on the floor! What is that Its jason tossing GAK around that now is stuck to his ceiling and WONT come off! 25 minuts later after scrubbing the ceiling and most of it came off I say GO TO SLEEP NOW! Argg time to get some laundry done and about 11:15 ish I get a text, Mom im outside I came home early for you so you can go to bed! I LOVE THAT KID.. I have 2 great kids and i don’t know what i would do with out them..To the moon and back with stars bursting out of my heart, LOVE YOU!




I like this.. Happy Happy Happy(Duck Dynasty) lol

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Today, March 20th 2013, is the first International Day of Happiness as declared by the United Nations (UN). A day of happiness sounds like a great idea, so let’s find out where this notion came from and what it means exactly.
Where it all began: in Bhutan. Haven’t heard of it? It’s a tiny state located in South Asia. In 2005, Bhutan began building the world’s first Gross National Happiness Index- a means of measuring well-being through aspects such as life satisfaction, emotions, spirituality, health, education and ecological diversity. By 2010, 41% of people surveyed in Bhutan ranked as “happy”, based on factors like work, literacy and housing. A year later the nation sponsored “Happiness: Towards a Holistic Approach to Development”, which stated that Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and economic growth should promote sustainable development, but that worldwide happiness is reliant on social and environmental well-being as well.
Aim: what…

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Just about done with the kitchen..BUT not yet

Again… Lol. Well I have to get this kitchen done. Second weekend and the walls are painted. I even had a lil help. My husband said to me would you like me to paint the doors and my lil man wanted nothing more than to get his hands on a paint brush. I kept telling him ok next wall sweetie, next wall! Well he finally said “MOM, there’s only one wall left!!! PLEASE LET ME PAINT”. Ok ok how can i say no to this face?!?!?

a day at the park 003

Now what you have to remember is I have two dogs who are running around long with a lil man who is board and wants nothing more to do then paint and play the question game! The I want this and that game, and the all but to familiar ” IM BOARD” so after a morning full of that I decided to get him out of the house and save my sanity .. I’ll just paint when he goes to bed!

Off to the park we went to have a football catch and to take some really cool pictures

a day at the park 019   a day at the park 017  a day at the park 020

a day at the park 021  a day at the park 022  a day at the park 026

So after the park we went to Friendlys to end our day out,had some ice cream and a few laughs! I learned a few more things about football and how much fun it is to just get out of the house. I forgot that with all the hustle and bustle of  every day life that we just need to live life and not let it fly by.

I love you kiddo..To the moon and back…

Spirit Week & I Have To Draw A MUSTACHE On Your Face?!?!?!?

Spirit Week at my sons elementary school has been a really cute idea for the kids! How much fun is it to be able to show of your creativity! Well during this week it was pajama day, wear your favorite jersey day, mis-match day, Mustache day(hahaha) and Green & White day.. Actually green and white are the colors of our school. So the night before mustache day he tells me he want ME to draw one on his face. I cant draw a straight line to save my life. So when he went to bed i started to try out some different looks on a peice of paper so I could at least say I gave it a shot. I whish I would have taken a picture of that to show you! Any who, I was kinda hopeing that he would have forgot that he asked me and would have done it himself, but if you know my son THAT WONT HAPPEN. akkkkk why is this bothering me so much??? OK.. so im over it and now comes GO TIME.. I grab my black liquid liner and i start to draw on his upper lip..hahahah it sounds so wrong, and we tell them DO NOT DRAW ON YOURSELF,but here i am drawing on his face. thr first side came out great. then came the second side.. well not so good. I wiped it off and did it again and again! Finally he said MOMMY its fine! Well you tell me what do you think?



Delicious Meatloaf

This is something that my family loves and nobody has any issue when i make it!

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 Meatloaf was simply delicious!  It was easy and fast to make too!  Here’s the recipe:


2 eggs

3/4 cup milk

2/3 cup bread crumbs

2 teaspoons chopped onions

1/2 teaspoon of sage

1/2 cup sliced fresh mushrooms

1 1/2 pounds ground beef

1/4 cup ketchup

2 tablespoons brown sugar

1 teaspoon ground mustard

1/2 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce

Combine eggs, mild, bread crumbs, onion, salt, eggs, sage and mushrooms in a large bowl.  Crumble ground beef over mixture, stir well to combine.  Form a loaf, place in baking dish and cook at 425 degrees for 40 minutes.

While meatloaf is cooking, mix sauce for topping and spread on meatloaf halfway through cooking.


Combine ketchup, brown sugar, mustard, Worcestershire sauce in small bowl.

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Just a thought about spring…


According to my calender its spring. I don’t know about you but when I think about spring thoughts of longer days prance around in my head! I think flowers starting to come up and being able to go outside not having to worry about wearing a jacket. Old man winter has handed us some pretty crazy snow storms the past 2 months, so I think that we are all looking forward to some warmer days.

When I think of spring I think of…


I walk outside this morning to take my pups out as usual and look around at my flowers and all of a sudden I see … get this..SNOW.. Are you kidding me..

3      2

This is what my flowers look like now.. Hopefully soon the weather will get better and spring will finally make its way to us..