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Seriously this is just how i feel..

PROCRASTINATION!! That’s what its like every day in my house after school! HW time just plain out sucks! Its a fight every freaking time! Mom can i have a snack when we get home, sure you can Can i watch some TV while eating my snack yes you can you have 30 min then we will start HW.. ok mom, 20 min goes by and i give a warning ..10 min… NOW you know that in the next 10 min something will happen to stop the HW from getting started…ok times up, wait i have to go to the bathroom.. ask you a question sharpen my pencil, WAIT can i watch TV and do my HW???? PLEASE.. NOOOO JUST DO YOUR FREAKING HW!

Now he asks me for help and I’m all for helping but WHAT THE HELL kinda math is this? Spider Math.. Add this to that minus the other one to get the new number only to find out i could have added  2+2 and gotten the same answer! Are you kidding me.. He’s in 3rd grade! Its not rocket science!! All i know is why are we teaching kids all different ways when there is no need for it? Did you know that they want to stop giving kids vocabulary words… Then they wonder why cant they read on the lever they should be at? Um well lets see how are they going to read if there is no vocabulary words to do? WHAT THE HELL..
Another thing that boggles my mind is this.. they’re on vacation more then they go to school.. Out of 180 days they have school there are 29 vacation days, not including the possible snow days and or emergency days sick days so on and so forth.
So needless to say I’m just ranting on cause well i can and i feel like it LOL if ya don’t like it well it is …

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