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He’s getting his drivers licence…Akkkkk

Its been a long time coming. My Andrew has been taking his driving classes now through a driving school here in our home town and he has only 1 more to go and then he will take his road test. APRIL 15 is the day this will happen. I am not sure how I feel about this yet.

When he asked us to help him learn to drive we thought, O.K. how hard could this be? So off we went. First my husband took him out. They get into the car I watch them sit there for a while, adjust the seat(he’s like 6′ tall and we are not), mirrors and seatbelt and off they went.

About an hour later  he returns, Andrew was at work at this point and he walks in shaking his head. How bad could it have been? Now you know when you are driving with someone and you hit the imaginary break because you are not used to not being in control of the car. He said my foot almost went through the floor!

So I said ok, well ill give him a chance to drive with me. I have trained people to drive before,(not cars only school busses) and they all passed the road test! Hmm …how bad could he be?


Well we get in the car and start driving, I was so tense it was crazy. He was doing really well and Iwas not yelling yet so all was good. Then it came time to go down a road where there were cars parked on both sides and others were coming toward us. PANIC set in on my part and he was pulling to the right almost hitting the cars on my right and my foot was going a mile a min trying to stop the car with the break that was not there! OMG OMG.. But I have to say with all my freaking out, he remained calm.

We got to where we needed to go he got out and went to work, I went home looked up the nearest driving school and the rest is history!

So on April 15th he will take the road test and we will see how well the money was spent! I will update with his results…


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