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Spring Break means Mommy has to take you to work…..

This dose not work out in my favor at all! Its hard enough to get a sitter when the hubby and i go out, let alone getting one during the day who will not cost me a billion dollars. The day started off slow and even though I have to go to work, Jason really did not care and proceded to lounge around in his PJ’s whining at me that he really did not think its fair that he has to come with me. Well guess what, you don’t have a choice because you are 8 and well thats how it has to be. This did not go over well..Precursor to the day I might add! CRAP!!

So now its 9:30am and we have not left the house yet!

Jason you need to get ready and we need to go!!!

Mommy, cant we just lay in bed all day?

Jason please get down here !

Mommy I dont want to go…I WANT TO STAY HOME..

Well we cant now lets move, I’ll take you to Mc Donalds to eat, but we need to go through the drive through because I need to get to work( at this point we are so late why even bother rushing).

We finally get to work and set him up, Computer-check  Ipad-check chair to sit in and we are good to go. Ahhhh ok I start doing my work!! NOT 5 min goes by and I hear ..IM BOARD…

OMG ARE YOU KIDDING ME??????? Just give me 2 hours ill rush through my paperwork(thats never good) and we will go home just use your ipad watch a movie, but I need to get this stuff done! Mind you I work in a warehouse, its a family owned business(NO, ITS NOT AS EASY AS YOU THINK WHEN YOUR FATHER IS YOUR BOSS) We have a forklift and some other cool toys in here. Jason decides he wants me to drive him around in the forklift. I hear him beeping the horn, mom come on lets drive! LOL ..Seriously I just need to get some paperwork done! So i tell him when i am done we will take a ride around..he says ok mommy and comes into my office and now stars drawing on the white board, every few min he asks me to turn and look at what he drew, finally say to him Sweetie, I really need to finish my work, so we can go!


Needless to say I just gave up put the papers away and took him for his ride on the fork lift, the laughing that came out of this child was infectious..He asked me if he could drive it.. So I let him hit the accelerator button(lead foot magee by the way) and the break!


He looks me straight in the eyes and says this is the best part of the day mommy, I get to be with you..OMG I melted in the seat! Lets get out of here I tell him!

We decide to go to the movies and see OZ, it was a really cool movie, abit scary for him but a good movie..then we hit target to get some drinks for the house and headed home.


My husband at this point texts me to let me know that hes home and has fed the dogs(in my house this is a project because bella the boxer will eat bailey the Maltese’s food if you literally don’t sit there) ohh yeah and bailey is a slow eater takes him almost 30 min to eat his food, that he picks up out of the dish and puts on the rug only to eat it one by one..akkkkk! And my oldest calls to tell me he will be home by 12 hes going out with his friends. UMMM I did not hear a “Mom is it ok if i go out?” That will not float in my house, you ask me not tell me! Well i guess im lucky he still tells me what hes doing!

Its almost 8 pm now i have not been home yet all I want to do is go to bed! Yeahhhh ok, I dont sleep untill everybody is safe at home in my house(Its a mom thing, I’m sure you understand) Now comes the tricky part, My cat and dog have some issues, they love to hate each other so there are some gates in my house..But the cat is getting very daring and she has been jumping the gates to torment the dog..Well I move the gate to go upstairs she flyes up the stairs and with that the cat follows, JEEEEZ I run up the stairs to get in between them trip up the stairs shoes go flying crack my knees hit my head(i wish i could have seen what i looked like) twisted my ankle and save the cat.. all this and I was holding my other dog in my arms because he dose not do stairs!He is fine.  IS THE DAY OVER YET??????? Nope i still need to wait for Andrew to get home before I go to sleep!


Finally I get lil man to bed and about 30 min later i hear a thud on the floor along with a few more thuds on the floor! What is that Its jason tossing GAK around that now is stuck to his ceiling and WONT come off! 25 minuts later after scrubbing the ceiling and most of it came off I say GO TO SLEEP NOW! Argg time to get some laundry done and about 11:15 ish I get a text, Mom im outside I came home early for you so you can go to bed! I LOVE THAT KID.. I have 2 great kids and i don’t know what i would do with out them..To the moon and back with stars bursting out of my heart, LOVE YOU!




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