What is wrong with me the past 2 days? i just cant seem to get it right..lol have you ever had that kinda day where things just dont go right?

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  1. Hello my friend yes most days i don’t get it right, I cannot even get it right waking up sometimes, but do I care? Nope. Just raise your eyes to the sky and smile get on with your day and hope for the best. =)


    • Want to hear the funny part about this post.. I did not meAn to post it.. And the day was just not going well at that point so i decided to stop writing and close the computer but must have hit publish instead of save as draft .. Lol this is s great outlet though!!


      • Subconsciously you meant to post it, you needed to get it out there lol. Wait till Monday I have plans to do the post ‘A day in my life’ I am hoping its an eye opener to me also as my days are a blur, so I can look back and say ‘ oh so thats why I have a stain on my tshirt or I don’t remember my car parked over the fence’ lol. It won’t be alcohol, I don’t drink lol


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