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I DID IT, Set up my Desk Top & It Only Took 2 days…

Dont get me wrong I love my laptop, but sometimes you just need to get back to basics..lol I have been wanting to set up my desk top for some time and well today was the perfect day to do it!Well for one my youngest is home sick, HE HAS POISEN IVY..

Anyway, yesterday I got the computer up stairs and decided ok how hard could this be? i have done it before and im sure i can do it again. I put the monitor on my make shift desk(a coffee table) with another coffee table next to me so I can have a mouse pad and some room to put a lamp..lol I NEED A DESK !

OK so i plug-in the computer and I hear the fan( ok cool that works) then the monitor and it turns on(Holy cow im a genius) Ding Ding Ding and im in! Ok so now comes the easy part, plug-in the cable and get the internet up and im good to go!! YEAH RIGHT. I plug it in..NOTHING!!


So now im looking up on my iPhone why i cant get the computer to get on the internet. I click on link after link frying to follow all the directions. I’m clicking and scrolling and all the while im getting very very agrivated..ARE YOU KIDDING ME? At this point the dogs are barking the kids are screaming its well past bed time for everyone and im sitting here lollygaging on this computer that WONT CONNECT, I gave up and went to bed! I’ll do it tomorrow .

computer issues

So today when I get up my youngest who by the way had been up and down all night long itchy and tired is running a low fever, and has blotches all over him, IM ITCHY mom and im tired! ok stay home and we will call the doctor. With this I figure ill try again to get the computer up and going again. Still nothing! I have plugged and unplugged booted and re booted powered up and powered down THATS IT..LAST STRAW IM DONE!! FORGET IT..ill try one more thing I unplugged the wire from the back and moved it down to the slot below it and GUESS WHAT… WHALAA ..Google pops open and all it took was 2 days to do something that should have taken 10 min to do..



5 thoughts on “I DID IT, Set up my Desk Top & It Only Took 2 days…

  1. Over 15 years in IT done everything from plugging in cables to mass networking, now i am no longer able to do the majority of the work, so I have all the information in my head and nothing to do with it now, I can walkmyou blindfolded reinstalling windows, but its not needed any more as you all have ghost in your machine ready to turn your computer to the factory settings, like the day you brought it home, shame we cannot do that with children. Soon you will have no moving parts, touch screens, plateless hardrives, fold up keyboards all fitted into a match box with a projector the same size to shine it on your wall, oh they are already here……What about organic memory, it grows when nano charges of electricity feeds it and it stores your data, delete the data and it dies 1tb of data on the size of a pinhead………sci-fi.? Nope the Japanese were working on this 3 years ago. Would you like a fridge to text you when you need milk or to remind you that food is going out of date? What about a toilet to test your poo and then send the results to your doctor, get it all online. World going to fast, join the club lol ot will all end in tears. So keep some cash handy, keep water on hand, solar/windup torches just in case.


      • I love your blog, the more I read the more I cannot wait till the next installment =) What is poison ivy anyway? is it like nettle rash, if we get nettle rash, you find a bovk leaf that grow near nettles rub it on anf the stinging stops. We also have Hog Weed, just in Scotland and mainly the east. it was brought from Russia in the 1800’s as an ornamental plant but the seeds got into the rivers and spread. I grows to 15 feet with a huge head of white flowers, the flowers drop and it leaves a head of seed with when they warm in the summer sun explode and the seeds fire all over into the river and thats how the spread are spread. That wouldn’t be a problem but they are cross pollinating with Hemlock, that wouldn’t be much of a problem but the sap of the hog weed burns leaving large puss filled blisters on the skin where the sap touches the skin. In the early 80’s I was cutting this stuff as a summer job, we had to cut the heads off and another guy would spray weed killer inside the hollow, its like a tube and I got my arms really badly burnt an because not much was really know about it the hospital burst the blisters which contains the chemical and I got burnt again. Now as its very difgicult to deal with its just cut down at the base and left, but there is so much of it now they have lost control. The ironic thing in Russia its grown as a pig food, they eat it and get no ill affects. If you Google it, you can see it……..oh no another long comment hahaha 😀 take care, I hope he is a little better 🙂


      • OMG YOU ARE JUST THE SWEETEST!! Poison ivy gives you a rash if you are allergic to it and it seems both my kids are! One worse then the other.. We have to wait it out to see if any more blisters will come out over the next few days!! Im guessing its the same thing just different named well kinda. Lol you made me very happy just now as for i was having a rough day im smiling 🙂


      • Your welcome, Thank you I am blushing now, well hope your day gets better. My year is to get better on Sunday, on Saturday I am driving 360 miles staying over night in a hotel and picking up my two beautiful grandaughters who I haven’t seen for 7 months and brining them to Scotland for 10 days. My son and his wife moved from Scotland to Wales nearly 2 years ago its 1200 mile round trip to Wales so we meet more or less half way. They will be here for my birthday next week last year it wasn’t the same over the phone. Just to let you understand to allow them both to work I took them nearly every day anf every other Saturday and eith my wife working so it was me who they were with, swimming, days out, McDonald’s you know the thing, all that ended in a heart beat.
        Anyway in Scotland its 2am time to try and sleep, excitement, is a great pain killer lol but still cannot sleep 😀 nyt

        oh btw if you wish to email at any time its blogbynight (at) gmail . com that way it doesnt get swallowed by blogging stuff =)


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