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I thought sunday was a day to rest…

My day started at 5:25am.. Yes you read that right..AM… I promised my son I would drive him to Brooklyn to go to sporting event, but the place he was going to only holds 225 people! And there were way more then 225 going!! So needless to say i called them to find out what would be the best time to get there. So this guy answers the phone and heres how the conversation went:


Hi, i was wondering what time the event you are having tomorrow starts?

Ok , well the event starts at 10 am, BUT DUE to the crazy amount of kids that show up i suggest you get here early.

Ok no problem, (now to me early is like am hour before) What time do you suggest we get there?

Well they usually start lining up around 7 am..

Ummmmmm…(at this point im doing the math in my head ) ok thank you..

ARE YOU SERIOUS do you know what this means?!?!?!? It means in order to get there by 7am I need to leave by 6am, akk like 5:45am because I have to have some extra time in case I get lost!!! IT’S SUNDAY…

It really was not so bad and I did get some great pictures here is one of them( note i did not take this while driving)


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