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The Chinese Auction was a blast

So the auction went of without a hitch!!! We had close to 120 people there. That was a great turn out! I have to give props to all the wonderful people that participated! We has gift certificates from nail salons, Home Depot, Star Bucks, Cara Cara,(mexican restaurant) Wings Over Farmingdale, Lotus Garden(Chinese Food),Dominic’s( Italian rest), there was a tool basket, Boys Toys Basket, Girls Toys baskets, Hair product baskets, Lotto Baskets,Wine Baskets, Garden Baskets, Tea Baskets, Lea Sophia Baskets OMG THERE WAS SO MANY!! The 3 GRAND PRIZE baskets were KEURIG, iPad mini and a MINI VACATION TO OHEKA CASTLE! The 50/50 was at just under $800.00.. So the lucky winner went home with just under $400.00!! What a GREAT night















On my way Home i get a text from the oldest kid telling me that the youngest is jumping allll over him and how they were fighting.. ARE YOU KIDDING ME ?!?!? I have been talking all night long having a great time and now i have to come home and yell… Arggg well at least i got to have some fun tonight.. Its a crazy life but its my life and I Love It

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