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This is the only way i can describe how i feel

Im not going to be able to do this Im loosing my mind im so tired im physically exhausted im trying to just let go and let him do what he wants im trying to not interfere with his life but I don’t know how to (I’m doing my best not to )..I’m loosing control, I am loosing him to this thing we call life!This is the absolute worst feeling in the world and I don’t know why I cant just be ok with it! He’s a teen and I need to let him grow. Maybe because I fought so hard for him to be mine and for him to not be hurt maybe because of the endless hours we spent together or the endless days of that pitiful thing we call welfare office the fact that he has been the only thing that I have not given up on well besides my husband and ..i feel like a basket case and i cant get out of my own way right now and i dont know what to feel or how to feel..

18 and he’s graduating HS going to be going into the NAVY!

2 thoughts on “This is the only way i can describe how i feel

  1. I know where you are in parenthood, my son now 28 went into the airforce at the ripe old age at 16, he went to Iraq at 18 years and 3weeks old, he married at 19. Just like I did. Time to let go, if you don’t do it now you will resent it for the rest of your days. You can still love him and he will always be your son. =)


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