We lost the Tickets.. and that was a good thing…

This weekend was and will always be in one of my top 10 most incredible weekends ever! Even though it started off a lil slow it took off like a rocket! On saturday I took my son to the park to have a fun day out with his friends. I took my camera and iPad and off we went. It was about 60 degrees out so it really was not so bad and while they ran around like chickens without heads i just hung back and snapped a million pictures. It’s amazing how fast time goes when the kids are having fun! It was about 5 pm when we got home time to shower up and get ready for the second part of the night..We went to see a concert! But the best part about it was it was lil mans first concert! He was so excited and we got all dressed up, well not like going out to a party dressed up but jeans and nice shirt..We were going to a COUNTRY MUSIC concert… Miranda Lambert with Dierks Bentley and Randy Houser! He was so excited, BUT when it came time to leave the house my husband could not find the tickets!! OHHHHH BOYYYY i have never seen anybody scurry around the house so fast! We finally came to the conclusion that as he was cleaning out his car the tickets got mixed up in some papers that went in the TRASH!!! NOW that lil man is crying, we are beside ourself hubby makes one last phone call and says to us get in the car, We are going and we will figure it out on the way there… That was a very very QUIET ride! We get there and go in and we meet up with a friend of his who says ok, here is the deal i can only get you in standing room only, AKKKKK .. ok well lets see how the 8-year-old fairs with this for the next 4 hours.. But it better than not going! WELLLLL we walk in and guess what… We are standing in the pit not 3 feet from the STAGE!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!? HOLY CRAP!!!! The stage is in arm reach and lil man is not so sure if he should laugh or cry in excitment..I know the quality of the photos are not the best but it was kinda dark and it was on my iphone..Check this out:















Life goes on…I just like this poem

I was searching the internet because i wanted to find a poem, And i came across this and i think it is cute and light ..not to heavy but just right for my blog so i will share this with you. I did not write it and i dont see an author or anything but to whomever did.. i will share it for you





I thought sunday was a day to rest…

My day started at 5:25am.. Yes you read that right..AM… I promised my son I would drive him to Brooklyn to go to sporting event, but the place he was going to only holds 225 people! And there were way more then 225 going!! So needless to say i called them to find out what would be the best time to get there. So this guy answers the phone and heres how the conversation went:


Hi, i was wondering what time the event you are having tomorrow starts?

Ok , well the event starts at 10 am, BUT DUE to the crazy amount of kids that show up i suggest you get here early.

Ok no problem, (now to me early is like am hour before) What time do you suggest we get there?

Well they usually start lining up around 7 am..

Ummmmmm…(at this point im doing the math in my head ) ok thank you..

ARE YOU SERIOUS do you know what this means?!?!?!? It means in order to get there by 7am I need to leave by 6am, akk like 5:45am because I have to have some extra time in case I get lost!!! IT’S SUNDAY…

It really was not so bad and I did get some great pictures here is one of them( note i did not take this while driving)


So much for a lazy day

Well its hard to beleive but i needed a lil me time..Yup i said it! im tired..lol and to be honest i really did not feel like painting today. Whats 1 more day? Can you say PROCRASTINATION… Hahah. Painting the kitchen is really not as easy as I thought.

Last night i decided that i was going to try to wrap up the painting so the hubby could hang the chair rail, off to lowes i go to get the paint! Its funny when you walk in and the people behind the counter know who you are. Well two hours into it and not only are my arms burning but im covered in paint. My hair, face, neck, arms pants and the rug that i have in the kitchen, ya know the small kind you have in front of your sink…ARE YOU KIDDING ME? It looked like i was learning how to fingerpaint..lol sooo i decided that i need to stop because if i dont im just gonna end up runing what i have done already!


Thats when i realized i need a day to just chill out! Well sort of..after laying on the couch with the puppys i figured lets start taking the stuff down so tommorow i can finish the kitchen job, and i came across some mason jars..Paint + Mason Jars = DIY kitchen decore…


So much fo a lazy day!

Spirit Week & I Have To Draw A MUSTACHE On Your Face?!?!?!?

Spirit Week at my sons elementary school has been a really cute idea for the kids! How much fun is it to be able to show of your creativity! Well during this week it was pajama day, wear your favorite jersey day, mis-match day, Mustache day(hahaha) and Green & White day.. Actually green and white are the colors of our school. So the night before mustache day he tells me he want ME to draw one on his face. I cant draw a straight line to save my life. So when he went to bed i started to try out some different looks on a peice of paper so I could at least say I gave it a shot. I whish I would have taken a picture of that to show you! Any who, I was kinda hopeing that he would have forgot that he asked me and would have done it himself, but if you know my son THAT WONT HAPPEN. akkkkk why is this bothering me so much??? OK.. so im over it and now comes GO TIME.. I grab my black liquid liner and i start to draw on his upper lip..hahahah it sounds so wrong, and we tell them DO NOT DRAW ON YOURSELF,but here i am drawing on his face. thr first side came out great. then came the second side.. well not so good. I wiped it off and did it again and again! Finally he said MOMMY its fine! Well you tell me what do you think?