I thought sunday was a day to rest…

My day started at 5:25am.. Yes you read that right..AM… I promised my son I would drive him to Brooklyn to go to sporting event, but the place he was going to only holds 225 people! And there were way more then 225 going!! So needless to say i called them to find out what would be the best time to get there. So this guy answers the phone and heres how the conversation went:


Hi, i was wondering what time the event you are having tomorrow starts?

Ok , well the event starts at 10 am, BUT DUE to the crazy amount of kids that show up i suggest you get here early.

Ok no problem, (now to me early is like am hour before) What time do you suggest we get there?

Well they usually start lining up around 7 am..

Ummmmmm…(at this point im doing the math in my head ) ok thank you..

ARE YOU SERIOUS do you know what this means?!?!?!? It means in order to get there by 7am I need to leave by 6am, akk like 5:45am because I have to have some extra time in case I get lost!!! IT’S SUNDAY…

It really was not so bad and I did get some great pictures here is one of them( note i did not take this while driving)


Are you kidding me its only 6am……ARGGGGG

Imagine this..Your excited, its your day your going to get your life started!The recruiter shows up to pick you up its 6am and you on your way in to Brooklyn to go take your ASVAB( that’s the Navy placement test). OMG as a mother I can not believe that MY son is old enough to even be doing this! The night before i am filled with excitement and fear of the unknown, I could only imagine how he is feeling!


I hear the alarm go off and its 5 am, mind you I have been up at 2, 3 and 4 am, so at this point I am delirious and all I want to do is go to sleep. BEEP BEEP BEEP (that’s the alarm when the door opens) I must have fallen asleep because now its 6 am and hes walking out the door and all I could do was say good luck and I love you!

7:30 rolls around and like clockwork the pups jump up and are ready to go out..UGGGG I am so tired I can barley walk! So I get the dogs out and feed, do the dishes in the sink throw a load of laundry in..yeah i cant believe I’m doing this either..ITS EARLY.!

I go back upstairs only to see my phone has a text on it, that’s never good at 8:00 am… Mom, I kinda forgot my Social Security card and I cant take the test, We are on our way home 😦

MY heart was in my stomach and I felt so bad for him, but on the other hand it was a wake up call for him… But I don’t know if I should be mad at him or feel sorry for him, ARE YOU KIDDING ME ITS WAY TO EARLY FOR ALL THIS EMOTION. its not even 9 am yet.


In the middle of all this my other son gets up and hes getting ready to go to school and the poisen ivy that he has has spread form the little blotch on his face, to his arms, neck legs stomach and everywhere in-between! BUT the doctors say hes not contagious! Im sorry but its FRIDAY and I just really want the day to end!

Finally the end of the day rolls around well the work day at least and its now time to pick up lil man from school, and I know that hes going to want to hang out after and play in the school yard because that’s what he want to do everyday! But I have a rule, and my rule is..If my nose is cold we don’t stay! Well my nose was not cold so we stayed..Its a good energy release for the kids, soooo run child run. I get home in time to let the dogs out go to the store to do a favor for my oldest, who got an AWSOME suprise from my hubby, go to the METS game with absolutly awsome seats! Any way he wants me to meet this man he has been talking to at a store on Main Street to sell him some cards that he has and the man will only be there on this day at 5 pm! So i say OK, no problem.

5pm rolls around I go in and theres a billion teens in this place and the person im going to see is not there. Really, ok they tell me he will be in at 6! So lil man and I run to the nail place because I need a pedi in the worst way and the women at the nail salon just love him!!! Ok so now i get my 25 min of relaxation and we go back to this place at 6:20 ish, ya know i figure ill give him time to settle in. HES STILL NOT THERE..and i have to be somewhere at 7 pm! We have still not eaten dinner yet. Ok quick get some food get home at 6:55, mom comes at 7 to watch lil man my day has been nothing but a whirlwind of SAGA and i just want to go to BED.


I still have to go meet the women from the football team because its registration day, and I am a part of the team and have to sit behind the table and get asked a million questions and i can barley keep my own head up! FINALLY 9pm rolls around and i drag my tired butt back to my car let out a HUGE yawn turn the car on and managed to get home and crawl up the stairs and land in my bed only to say …THIS IS MY CRAZY LIFE…and I LOVE IT!!!