So much for a lazy day

Well its hard to beleive but i needed a lil me time..Yup i said it! im and to be honest i really did not feel like painting today. Whats 1 more day? Can you say PROCRASTINATION… Hahah. Painting the kitchen is really not as easy as I thought.

Last night i decided that i was going to try to wrap up the painting so the hubby could hang the chair rail, off to lowes i go to get the paint! Its funny when you walk in and the people behind the counter know who you are. Well two hours into it and not only are my arms burning but im covered in paint. My hair, face, neck, arms pants and the rug that i have in the kitchen, ya know the small kind you have in front of your sink…ARE YOU KIDDING ME? It looked like i was learning how to sooo i decided that i need to stop because if i dont im just gonna end up runing what i have done already!


Thats when i realized i need a day to just chill out! Well sort of..after laying on the couch with the puppys i figured lets start taking the stuff down so tommorow i can finish the kitchen job, and i came across some mason jars..Paint + Mason Jars = DIY kitchen decore…


So much fo a lazy day!