Pets + Moving = STRESS

So where were we, Oh yeah time to move the pets! So as you already know our family consists of Humans, Dogs, 1 Cat ,Bearded Dragon named Odie & Fish! So the time came to get the dogs over, Bella our Boxer and Bailey our Maltese. They had been to moms before as you know from my previous blog during the open house. We had been moving stuff from 8 am that morning, set up 2 bedrooms been back and forth to the storage unit a few times and both of us were wiped out! We had only eaten pizza so energy levels were down and to be honest I needed SLEEP.

Now I had put Oldies light on a timer to go off the next morning, and feed the cat cleaned the litter and left the air on so it would not get hot! I had to go back the next day to finish collecting odds and ends and get the rest of the crew.  Time to harness up the dogs and get them into the van to take to 20 min ride to the new place! THIS RIDE FELT LIKE 20 HOURS!

Besides the van being backed with stuff we left room for the dogs to lay down. But laying down for Bella was not an option.. My husband (she loves him like he’s hers) told her “ok Bella, get in the van and look for me” . He was in the truck in front of me. So she did just that, Stood up with he to front paws on the passenger seat of the van and watched his every move! BELLA I yell, Sit down! Nothing, no blink no eye contact nothing. Bailey just sat there wondering where the HELL are we going?

OMG she had me so nervous cause 1 I’m driving a van with only 2 seats and no way to belt them in and if you could have seen he back legs they were so tense it was crazy, and 2 it was almost 11 pm and I was to say the least tired! We pull up at moms and the first thing I have to do is walk them so they don’t walk into the house and piddle, THAT was interesting! A tired mom and 2 riled up pups. BUT we survived. Bella even got a new bed! Bailey just sleeps with us

Now.. the next morning comes we go for a walk and start to settle down a bit we all eat and now its time to go back to the house to get a few odds and ends and grab the rest of the crew who at this point now wonder where are the humans? Now remember I have packed everything up..Not thinking I have nothing to move the fish with, cause picking up a 10 gallon tank filled with water… not so smart! So the next best thing is the only option I have, my ice bucket..ohh and a paper Burger King cup. I know your laughing now because I was! I literally chased this fish down with a cup, took me like 25 min to get him..every time I thought I had him he escaped. jeeeeez  Odie well that was easy, open the tank put him in the travel tank and load him up. Now the cat.. you would think this would be a cintch…yeah , NO it was not. shes a big girl and an indoor cat who like to eat. So… BIC cat small cary case that I have not used in 8 years. Fun times(not). By this point its dark I have been doing this now for 1 to many hours and I’m done!



All went well even though Missy(the cat ) did nothing but scream the entire 20 min ride so loud that it was hard to drive. But everyone has made there spot in Our New/Old home. Missy actually was quite familiar with this place as she was here 9 years prior.



So all is well on the home front, and tomorrow is a new day, I have some exciting news to share so stay tuned .. ill give you a hint..I have not seen him In almost 7 months!

Im ready for a nap, but thats not going to happen…..

The past few days have been so entirely CRAZY, that I am looking forward to some down time! It all started 2 days ago, I took Bailey Boy, to get groomed! He was in my previous post clean puppy! Well when I picked him up and we got home he was a bit on the nutty side(im assuming because he was at the groomers) and he has alot of energy! Actually my dog sitter(yes I have a doggie sitter when I go on vacation like 1x a year) said Baily Boy makes me feel old, he has the energy of 10 dogs!! Ok so I took him out side to get some of his energy out and while we were out there my nose got a lil stuffy and my throat was a lil scratchy..ehhh pollen count was extremely high so i figured like everyone else its allergies and ill deal with it! Well by 10pm I felt like my throat had fire coming out of it my head felt like it was a water balloon about to burst and my nose was like a running faucet! My teeth hurt and it hit me…ARGGGGG my sinuses again for like the zilinth time this year! And we are only 4 months into the year! It really would not be an issue for me but on friday i have to go in and have a surgical procedure(I wont go into details but it something that needs to be taken care of and well,if im sick they dont take me!)


Ok so I start taking some sinus stuff and figure ill go to sleep and all will be good ill wake up and feel better, That did not happen! Now I had to take Bailey boy back out and he had to get his yearly exam. So off we go I drop him off they take him in and tell me come back after 3 to pick him up. OK off to work I go! I FEEL LIKE CRAP.. Make my way through the work day go back there to pick him up and all is well! He was soo happy to see me and the world is right again..WRONG! I go to pick up lil man at school who now wants to sit and play on the playground with his friends. and my sinuses are plotting my death, all I want to do is go home and sleep! 45 min later after begging him can we please go home, I decide that i should call my doc who agrees to see me on the spot to get some meds in me so I can feel good on friday. 


So now it’s almost 5:30 we have to get HW done because at 7pm I had a dinner apt that I had forgotten about untill 1 hour before and to be honest I really just needed some down time with my friend whom I have not seen in a while. My hubby came home around 6:45pm and off I go! I figured I would walk there and just take in the fresh air, BUT IT WAS COLD!!  We had a nice dinner..So quiet(something im not used to) but I LOVE IT! We ate and talked and watched TV(with no interruptions). HOLY MOLY this is fantazmical!


I went home about 9 pm and I walk in the dogs are barking the kids asking questions and a full sink! YES…OK so I was really not that excited about the dishes. I remembered that i had laundry in the washer so i quickly folded what was in the dryer moved the other load over and started another load while that one was drying. NOW I go upstairs get into bed and Bailey is acting very strange.. He’s running in circles barking over excited and will not lay down! With this Bella my boxer thinks this is a good time to jump into bed with us( she’s way to big to sleep with us, she has her own bed next to ours)! So now i have 1 dog who wont stop moving my hubby who thinks this is funny and a giant dog in the middle if the bed! NO NO NO.. Bella out(mind you she did this 3 more times) ..BAILEY PLEASE GO TO SLEEP! 45 min into this, I have taken him out 3 times he is all over the yard,I finally start thinking WTF is going on there has to be an issue! It’s now 11:30 at night I need to sleep, Hubby has to get up in 4 hours for work I take him into the bathroom turn on the light and low and behold the dogs skin is HOT PINK! HES HAVING A REACTION to the shots!! Now it all clicks, and this had happened 1x before about 2 years ago! I quickly go into mommy mode and find the Benadryl(because that’s what the doctor told me to do the previous time) shove a pill down his throat and hope to god it kicks in quickly!


At this point I grab the both dogs tell my hubby ill sleep on the couch with them as for I did not know how long it would take for him to get comply(he was running and jumping and trying to sit but im assuming to itchy so he would stand up again and bark at me) By around 1:45 he finally fell asleep and so did I.. Wait there’s more.. Because of the fact that i cant breathe through my nose I was not sleeping well, so up and down and about 3:30 am i hear the familiar sounds of little feet walking from his room to mine then back to his down the stairs blanket and pillow in tow to come sleep with me on the couch! Needless to say he passes out , 5:30 hubby leaves for work, I jump up, 6:30 oldest leaves for school, 7:30 dogs have to go out and be fed.. So at this point I figure sleep is well overrated as long as your family is happy!..