Yoga, I think I love you!


If there is one place in the world that i can totally let go its at the yoga studio! I have always wanted to try it and said ok next week or tomorrow and that day never came. Well I was futsing around on Facebook (big surprise there so is half of the world) and I came across a deal, UNLIMITED YOGA, $29.95 a month. Hmmmmm ok so lets ck it out I thought. But alone is no fun, considering the fact that I had never done this before, I was hoping to try it out with a friend. Well guess what, I happen to have a few of them and one who happens to share the same likes as I do.


Ya know when you reconnect with someone that you talk to every once in a while but just have not really had the chance to sit down and really talk, well I found that someone! She is one of the most caring, loving and genuinely down to earth person you will EVER meet and to be honest we connected on not only a friend level but a spiritual one as well. She has helped me to see things on a different level. Thank You Shelby! I am forever grateful to you.

I have never focused on my breath they way I do when I’m in that class. I don’t try to compare myself to anyone. I do what I can do, and I’m getting better at it every time I go. That hour a day that I go is the most peaceful hour ever! This morning I took the time to just sit and meditate at my house before I started my day in the hopes that it would help me get through my day by setting an intention to just take it as it comes and don’t sweat the small stuff.


Although throughout the day we have to remember to let the little things go, take that 10 seconds to focus on your breath, re-connect your self with the universe and breath. I will take ever lesson I have learned doing yoga and apply it to everyday life. Sometimes that’s very challenging when you have kids though..





Hello Again!


Hello Again!  So it only took me 2 hours to figure out how to get my Blog all updated and shiny and all new again, LOL ! I wanted to get back on here and start blogging again because I like it and its fun! BUT, now its like after 10 pm and i have to be up in a few hours to get my butt to work…. Although I want to share so many cool things that have happened over the past 2 years.

So i hope you will join me on my journey to tell you about them, from another broken arm for lil man to actually selling our home for our new adventures in this Crazy Thing We Call Life!

Whats your story?

There are so many different home based business out there that it really makes it so hard to choose which one is right for you. I have been through many of them.( Discovery Toys, Tubberwear, Jewels By Park Lane (By far one of the best), Thirty One, Tastefully Simple and each time I tryed my hardest) My friends would say to me OHHHH BOY here we go again, ANOTHER show anotherrrr try, shes at it again. And I feel that they were actually getting annoyed with me. And im sure they were. But it is what it is. BUTTTTT guesss what that never stops me and I will always look for new ways to make things happen. As i had written in a previous post i will be starting a new venture in life and I hope that this will be the one! Origami Owl, I have loved there product for so long and I wear my necklace all the time and I get sooo many complements on it that I feel I should try to sell it on my own! Well not on my own, With the help of my friend Michelle who I feel is an absolutely AMAZING person and I for one am so proud to call her my friend. I look forward to working with her and hopefully taking this all the way! You should think about starting your own story with me….

“You tell stories with words..We tell stories with Jewelry” credit to Origami Owl


I will be hosting my party on May 30th that will be my coming out party. I hope that you will take a few min and take a look at the jewelry, Because as Michelle just stated too me “Its more then just jewelry, Its a feeling, a memory, Its your story” I am going to post a few links here and YOU can see for yourself why i am choosing Origami Owl..

Please feel free to join my party and help me be a success




My morning cup of tea..with a side of happy!

Today as i went to get my morning cup of tea at my local 7-11 in my home town my faith was restored in that there really are some nice people in this world! Something as small as the person next to me saying “here is a cup holder for your tea, those cups get really hot” just because they felt like being nice is a great way to start my day! With everything that is going on in our world today, its nice to be able to share some nice news with you!


So here is to the nice man in the bright green shirt.. Thank you!


This is the only way i can describe how i feel

Im not going to be able to do this Im loosing my mind im so tired im physically exhausted im trying to just let go and let him do what he wants im trying to not interfere with his life but I don’t know how to (I’m doing my best not to )..I’m loosing control, I am loosing him to this thing we call life!This is the absolute worst feeling in the world and I don’t know why I cant just be ok with it! He’s a teen and I need to let him grow. Maybe because I fought so hard for him to be mine and for him to not be hurt maybe because of the endless hours we spent together or the endless days of that pitiful thing we call welfare office the fact that he has been the only thing that I have not given up on well besides my husband and ..i feel like a basket case and i cant get out of my own way right now and i dont know what to feel or how to feel..

18 and he’s graduating HS going to be going into the NAVY!

From Sunshine to Gloomy in a blink of an eye

What a beautiful day! I woke up this morning to the sun shining and the birds chirping. The sunshine makes me feel so HAPPY! I feel like I can breathe again. I feel alive! ITS ONLY 9:15 AM…

Im loving life


The sucky part was i spent most of the day inside..BOOOOOO.. Work and the doctor.. Ill spare you the details!

By the time I got home it was almost 5 pm and the weather was a changing.. It’s amazing how the day can go from one extreme to the next. I think I might have blinked and the skies were gloomy dark and scary. Even the dogs did not like it. The lightning was incredible the thunder was lasting upward of 45 seconds to a minute long.It sounds like nothing until your room is lighting up like the fourth of July!


Well they say april showers bring may flowers!