Just about done with the kitchen..BUT not yet

Again… Lol. Well I have to get this kitchen done. Second weekend and the walls are painted. I even had a lil help. My husband said to me would you like me to paint the doors and my lil man wanted nothing more than to get his hands on a paint brush. I kept telling him ok next wall sweetie, next wall! Well he finally said “MOM, there’s only one wall left!!! PLEASE LET ME PAINT”. Ok ok how can i say no to this face?!?!?

a day at the park 003

Now what you have to remember is I have two dogs who are running around long with a lil man who is board and wants nothing more to do then paint and play the question game! The I want this and that game, and the all but to familiar ” IM BOARD” so after a morning full of that I decided to get him out of the house and save my sanity .. I’ll just paint when he goes to bed!

Off to the park we went to have a football catch and to take some really cool pictures

a day at the park 019   a day at the park 017  a day at the park 020

a day at the park 021  a day at the park 022  a day at the park 026

So after the park we went to Friendlys to end our day out,had some ice cream and a few laughs! I learned a few more things about football and how much fun it is to just get out of the house. I forgot that with all the hustle and bustle of  every day life that we just need to live life and not let it fly by.

I love you kiddo..To the moon and back…