The laundry saga will never end!!


Laundry… I know you cringed just now.. Lol why do I feel like I can never ever keep up with it? Every time I turn around its there. I don’t know about you but I have 4 people in my house. My hubby, my 2 boys and me..well the amount of clothing that piles up here in 2 days is insane! I really don’t know where it comes from. No wait I do.. MY FAMILY! I have tried so many things to keep up on it and actually it’s not even the washing it that I mind or the folding its just getting it into the drawers that kills me..

I have tried so many different things and it seams that nobody likes any of my ideas. Ok so first one was each person has a laundry basket in their room and when it’s filled you bring it down ill wash and dry it but you have to put it away. O.K. Their idea of filled is a bit more than mine and it ended up in a mountain of clothing in the basket literally exploding at the seems!

The next idea was ill wash it dry it and fold it put it each into your own pile and then you can get it when it’s done. Well that still has not worked! I wash it, it sits down stairs in the laundry room till I finally get fed up and lug it up 2 flights of stairs, only for it to sit in the rooms and not get put away.

Now here comes the part that kills me… Ready…… Here’s how it goes

Me: Boys please clean your rooms….

Them: ok mom

Me: put away your cloths away

Now here’s the kicker, I go down to do wash and guess what all the clothing I have folded so nice is now on the floor mixed in with the dirty clothing and has to be washed all over again


And this my friends is my life! But I’m not complaining, well I am but it’s not gonna change….

Much Love!!!