Just about done with the kitchen..BUT not yet

Again… Lol. Well I have to get this kitchen done. Second weekend and the walls are painted. I even had a lil help. My husband said to me would you like me to paint the doors and my lil man wanted nothing more than to get his hands on a paint brush. I kept telling him ok next wall sweetie, next wall! Well he finally said “MOM, there’s only one wall left!!! PLEASE LET ME PAINT”. Ok ok how can i say no to this face?!?!?

a day at the park 003

Now what you have to remember is I have two dogs who are running around long with a lil man who is board and wants nothing more to do then paint and play the question game! The I want this and that game, and the all but to familiar ” IM BOARD” so after a morning full of that I decided to get him out of the house and save my sanity .. I’ll just paint when he goes to bed!

Off to the park we went to have a football catch and to take some really cool pictures

a day at the park 019   a day at the park 017  a day at the park 020

a day at the park 021  a day at the park 022  a day at the park 026

So after the park we went to Friendlys to end our day out,had some ice cream and a few laughs! I learned a few more things about football and how much fun it is to just get out of the house. I forgot that with all the hustle and bustle of  every day life that we just need to live life and not let it fly by.

I love you kiddo..To the moon and back…

I was a “Weekend Warrior”

Weekend Warriors–are the men and women who decide I want to update my house this weekend and actually do it!! Well I did it.. I have been saying it for months..ya know like everyone else who says yeah im gonna freshen up the paint in this room, but just never get around to it, I made myself have the time!

mompaintThats me!!

 I have been searching the internet and different sites to find the color I want, I wanted a country kitchen type of look, so I went to Lows on friday night and stopped off in the paint section..WELLLL is that OVERWHELMING OR WHAT!!  I had one color in mind and then I saw  12 others that I could do also..ok time to put up the blinders, get the color I need and get the HELL out of there.. JEEEEZ that was a close one I could have spent alotttt of money in there, cause you know I need this and I need that and OMG I CANT LIVE WITHOUT  THAT..


So needless to say I went home and with the samples I had and painted it on the side of the cabinets, cause ya know what if I did not like it.. and I did I loved it.. Soo it began, got up sunday morning because saturday I had company and well took everything off the counters and from the tops of the counters and off came the cabinet doors. Section by section, and let me tell you getting the hard wear off sucked..It was so time-consuming but it had to be done..

          kitch2 kitc1

So this is what our kitchen looked like before the cabinets were done. VERY WHITE!!!

Well with a lil paint and some time you can change the look of the room very drastically it took me all day to paint with a break or two..I mean it was St. Patrick’s Day, but I did it and here is the finished look..

new kit

OMG I could stare at it all day long…Really for my first solo project I think I did good!..