Spring Break is over & THE KITCHEN IS DONE!!!!

SPRING BREAK is over!! Kids will be going back to school tomorrow. Easter is over, Kids are all hopped up on sugar and we are all wiped out from a day of eating. This has been a good break but its time to get back to reality.  Although we have really had no spring weather yet, and I don’t really think we will(because we have not had one in like 3 years) im assuming we are going to wake up to a blazing hot day some day soon.  And i am not complaining! I am not a cold weather chick! Give me a beach and 90 degrees and im a happy girl!   😉

Even the animals are ready for some normalcy!  The dogs are laying on the bed with us, the cat well she’s a cat and well all she wants to do is play! So her and I had a photo session, I LOVE PHOTO SESSIONS!  And my Iphone takes pretty good ones..

lazy 017 lazy 019 lazy 016

And one of the best parts of the break was that I finally finished the kitchen! And it looks GREAT!

lazy 023 lazy 007 lazy 008 lazy 009 lazy 021 lazy 022

It was a fun job and I  got to be creative and I really loved that fact!

Spirit Week & I Have To Draw A MUSTACHE On Your Face?!?!?!?

Spirit Week at my sons elementary school has been a really cute idea for the kids! How much fun is it to be able to show of your creativity! Well during this week it was pajama day, wear your favorite jersey day, mis-match day, Mustache day(hahaha) and Green & White day.. Actually green and white are the colors of our school. So the night before mustache day he tells me he want ME to draw one on his face. I cant draw a straight line to save my life. So when he went to bed i started to try out some different looks on a peice of paper so I could at least say I gave it a shot. I whish I would have taken a picture of that to show you! Any who, I was kinda hopeing that he would have forgot that he asked me and would have done it himself, but if you know my son THAT WONT HAPPEN. akkkkk why is this bothering me so much??? OK.. so im over it and now comes GO TIME.. I grab my black liquid liner and i start to draw on his upper lip..hahahah it sounds so wrong, and we tell them DO NOT DRAW ON YOURSELF,but here i am drawing on his face. thr first side came out great. then came the second side.. well not so good. I wiped it off and did it again and again! Finally he said MOMMY its fine! Well you tell me what do you think?